Branding, Website, and Product Design

Cartavi was a collaborative, mobile, cloud-based solution that allowed everyone involved in a real estate transaction to securely manage, share, and sign documents from any computer or mobile device. In May of 2013, the company was acquired by DocuSign and became DocuSign Digital Transaction Management.

Cartavi Cartavi for iPhone Cartavi for iPad Cartavi for Web Browsers

Responsive HTML, PHP, CSS, SASS, and jQuery

The Cartavi website needed to explain everything from the company’s vision to the finer technical details of the web and native applications. It was the core of the digital brand. We took a mobile first approach to designing the site which included a simple and responsive interface that could hold lots of feature content.

View Site homepage homepage mobile features features mobile security security mobile

Web Application

Responsive Product Design and Prototyping

The web app was built for speed, accessibility, and ease of use. We constructed a fully responsive application that provided a full feature set whether you signed in from a computer or mobile device.

cartavi web app dashboard
cartavi web app dashboard mobile
cartavi web app transactions
cartavi web app transactions mobile
cartavi web app docs
cartavi web app docs mobile

Native Mobile Apps

Product Design for iOS and Android

The mobile applications were designed to take advantage of each native environment’s strengths, while maintaining the features and functionality expected from the Cartavi platform.

cartavi tablet navigation
cartavi tablet transactions map
cartavi tablet documents
cartavi tablet signature
cartavi smartphone transactions
cartavi smartphone transacations map
cartavi smartphone documents
cartavi smartphone document