Designing for Value, Sustainability, and Growth

October 2018 — Today

I currently design things at Granular. We are focused on building digital products that help farming be more efficient and profitable, while also preserving and enhancing the value of farmland.

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Enterprise Products for Real Estate

May 2013 — April 2018

At DocuSign, our team contributed to every aspect of the Digital Transaction Management product. This included the application’s user interface design, prototyping new capabilities, designing mobile applications, learning through research, and working with the product management and engineering teams to bring releases to market.

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DTR Application


Realizing an App from the Ground Up

DEC 2009 — MAY 2013

I had the privilege of working on the Cartavi product since the first pixel was pushed. My role was focused on the company’s interaction with the end user. This included interface design and prototyping, development of the brand’s website, marketing communications, and many other design efforts. In May of 2013, the company was acquired by DocuSign and became DocuSign Digital Transaction Management.

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Cartavi Application

Experimenting with Social Applications

Oct 2010 — Aug 2012

At, we made our living studying and experimenting with social media content. We came up with new ways to visualize the data our algorithms collected and turned them into customer-facing products. This mainly centered around discovering new people and content based on your predicted interests.

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Horizon Hobby

Creating Brand Experiences

Feb 2007 — Oct 2010

Horizon is one of the world’s largest high-end hobby innovation companies. During my time there, our team of of designers, writers, and project analysts created and maintained brands for the family of proprietary products. We worked on brand identities, packaging, advertising, and web experiences for brands like Blade, Spektrum, ECX, and more.

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